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Author Archives: Mr. B

Detroit gets a chance to shine on Thanksgiving day!

This week the Lions have an opportunity to shine on what for so long was their day in the sun.  It appears one thing is agreed upon and that the point spread is Detroit +3 or if you prefer Houston -3.  Detroit at home , 3 point underdog and with something to prove to the nation.  This says opportunity to me and maybe even a time to take advantage of buying a half point to move that +3 to +3.5.

When I buy points I do so at Wager Web Online sportsbook because they are very keen on giving their members the option to move the lines and I like that.  Check out their review here or just join now and take advantage of their NFL special new member bonus offer.

6 weeks gone have u made your futures bet?

The season is moving fast have you placed your future football bets yet? I was just looking at my account at Bovada and there are some interesting odds. The Texans are at the top with 7-1 while Dallas is towards the middle at 51-1 and near the bottom Tampa Bay at 201-1. If you need… Continue Reading

New England Patriots not getting much respect

The online bookies are not showing much respect for the Pats.  Just logged on and i see that New England is favored by only 4 points.  On top of that the Buffalo Bills have the better record, who would of believed it.  This might be a good time to bet on New England because it… Continue Reading