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There is nothing magical to betting online or opening an online betting or sportsbook account. Millions of people across the globe have live betting accounts and the amount of daily real money bets every day is staggering. Here are the steps to betting online:

  1. Choose a sportsbook: Easily the most important step, and we have done a lot of the legwork to help you with this step. Although there are many factors that can figure in to which sportsbook is best for you there are four critical items all viable sportsbooks must have.  The must have a proven track record of player payments, they must have a state of the art betting platform enabling In-Game and Mobile Betting, they must have a top rated customer support staff and they must accept players from the United States.  Most sportsbooks offer new player bonuses and these are nice incentives but it should not be the basis of choosing a sportsbook. The ease of use, fast payments and friendly knowledgeable customer service are reasons to choose a sportsbook. We have reviewed hundreds of online sportsbooks have the following recommendations.
  2. Sign up for an account: Creating an online gambling account is easy and it should only take a few minutes. For the initial sign up you will need to provide your personal information (name, address, email …) and if you have any promotional code you will need this as well. It is critical to fill out ALL of the information fields with the CORRECT information. Remember they need to know who you are because you want them to be able to quickly and easily send you your winnings.
  3. Fund your account: If you want to bet then you have to have a funded account to make a wager. There are many ways to fund an account and it can very depending upon where you live.  In the United States the most common method to open a new account is with a Credit Card (Visa MasterCard, Amex) and a surprisingly large percent of transactions automatically go thru.  Bitcoin, wire transfers and online wallets are also valid and easy ways to fund your accounts and you can click here for more funding options.

Keep in mind you only need to create your gaming account once and when you have this in place you can use it all year round. There are so many events you can wager on such as the Kentucky Derby, the World Series, March Madness and even the USA Presidential Election.  The important thing to keep in mind is you can establish your own personal betting account and if for some reason you get rejected on your first try don’t worry as this may happen.  If it does you just need to contact the trained representatives at the online sportsbook who are available to assist you.  Every reputable sportsbook will have Toll Free phone lines or Live Chat services with experienced personnel who can walk you through the application process.