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Featured Bonus

Bovada Free Welcome Bonus

A free bonus is only good if you can answer yes to these three questions:

  • Is there True Value to be gained?
  • Is the bonus easy to understand and to acquire?
  • Are the rules and conditions concise and reasonable for the bonus being offered?

The Bovada online sportsbook is a very unique book in that they ONLY ACCEPTS USA PLAYERS which means they have tailored their sportsbook offering to the needs of the American sports betting clientele.  The good thing about this is if you like to bet on the NFL or the NCAA football games then you will find no better place to do so then at Bovada. With the NFL Season fast upon us the folks at Bovada are offering an exciting 50% Match Bonus up to $250 to new members as a welcome bonus.

All bonuses have conditions and we rate a bonus on the fairness of the conditions. This Kickoff bonus has a 5X rollover which must be met in order to receive the bonus and this means that you must wager at  least 5 times the total amount of your deposit + bonus before you make a cash out.  So in order to collect the full $250 bonus you would need to make an initial deposit of $500 which would make your entire deposit value be $750 (Deposit + Bonus).  This amount tof $750 would have to be wagered a minimum of 5 times which is $3,750 prior you you making any cash withdrawl. Once you have met the conditions you are able to make a cash out including the bonus award.

A 5X rollover is considered a very fair condition when receiving a bonus of this nature and the terms are very clear and easy to understand.  This is considered a reasonable expectation for such a generous bonus and it is a flexible bonus in the amount is tailored to the amount of your initial deposit. The team at Bovada has an excellent reputation in regards to the fairness of their promotions and as a member you can expect additional offers including bonuses to try their mobile and and online casino services.