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NFL Football Betting Tips 

All sports have their own unique betting strategy and way to bet.  When betting on the NFL or any American style of football their are a few simple rules which will greatly increase your odds of winning your online bets.  Betting on NFL football games are pretty straight forward.  Online sports books typically post the odds or the lines of every NFL football game.  These odds are typically stated as a point spread such as -7 or +3 points give to a specific team. If your team beats that spread then you are the winner of the bet, but if it falls on the spread then the game is a tie and that is what you need to be aware of.

NFL Betting Tips

Statistically most NFL football games are decided by 3 points and the next most common is 7 points.  For these reasons it may be best to avoid betting on games with these two point spreads.  If you set on betting on a game with a 3 point spread or a 7 point spread you may wish to buy points to move the line by a half point in your favor.