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Get Your NFL Futures Bet Now!

Get Your NFL Futures Bet Now!

Don’t miss out on locking in your futures bet because now is the best time to get the best odds before the season opening game on this coming Thursday September 8th.  Most people think of futures betting as being who will win the divisions, championships or the Superbowl and these are in fact the most popular but there are lot more exciting bets to take advantage off and this is the time to do so.  Right now I am looking at the Bet Online Futures bet and I see they have a +2000 that a team will go undefeated this year or if a team will have a perfectly bad season (go 0-16) set at  +1400.

One of the areas where sportsbooks do diversify is in the props and futures betting and a very good example of this would be to compare two books such as 5 Dimes and Bet Online.  It is clear to see that they have different bookies making these decisions which also opens the opportunities for players to get the best deals.  As it is free to open up a sports betting account we recommend that you go ahead and open up a couple accounts and then fund the ones you wish to make bets with. Just click on the Bet Online Sportsbook or the 5 Dimes Sportsbook to set up your account now for free and when you are ready to activate and collect a bonus it will be ready to go.  In the mean time you can track all of their line movements by clicking on the Live Odds Section which is updated every 15 seconds and color codes the changes so you have instant access to the latest line changes.

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