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Let the games begin!

I am so pumped up, I laid down my first bet of the NFL Season at Bovada, on my favorite team The Saints.  There is nothing like opening up sportsbook account and see you have money sitting in your account from last season. Even with a short season last year I still came out on top.  I have my first bet in, the game is on today and i feel like all is good in the world.

Going thru my Bovada account I see they are offering the same new player bonus of a 20% free bet, which I took advantage of last year.  Unfortunately I bet on the Browns (what was I thinking) and I lost the bet but for me a free bet bonus is one of my favorite sports promotion.  To take advantage of this free bet just click here, btw they have a fantastic book that is so quick and easy to bet at.  Will keep you posted of any new specials for existing players at Bovada, I expect some soon.  I think I am going to test out a couple sports books this year so i will keep you posted.

Enjoy todays game, Go Saints!



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