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NFL Football is back in Canton Ohio!

The 2013 NFL Football season starts today in Canton Ohio and its going to be an exciting year! The teams are ready, the fans are ready and of course the sportsbook and bookies are ready to rock and roll. Now is the time for you to set up your online betting account because everybody wants you to play at theirs site. Check our out our Featured Sportsbook and the Free Bonus sections to make sure you start off the season with some free cash or free bets in your account.

The line in today’s HOF Game between the Miami Dolphins and the Dallas Cowboys is wavering between 2.5 and 3 points going to Dallas as the favorite. We know this because we checked the Live Odds section of the site and get to see at a glance exactly what the sportsbooks are offering.

FOOTBALL IS BACK let the games begin!

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