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NFL Injuries

Football injuries are one of the top reason to cause a sportsbook to change the lines on an upcoming game and this has to be done manually by each and every book.  Not all books make their line changes as fast as others and this enables you to take advantage of making a bet before the books move a line due to an injury. To use this report scroll to find your team and click on the team report, then scroll a short ways down to the injuries report section.

This is one of the few opportunities you have to be ahead of a sportsbook and this tool enables you to identify the major player injuries that all the teams are facing for the upcoming games.  You know the online sportsbooks are using this information when calculating their odds and you should also be aware and use this information too.

Many times when you see a large discrepancy in the odds on a particular game it is because an injury has occurred and some books made and adjustment and others are slow to do so or just plain missed it.  This is a BIG OPPORTUNITY!  You need to go check out the live lines, capitalize on this and place your bet.

There is a reason why some people always win more often than others and it is not luck, it is because they take advantage of all the live data that is available including Live odds, Against The Spread (ATS) trends and Injury  Reports.  Use this data, it is free, it is current and it is for you!