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NFL Match Ups

This is the place to start when planning your betting strategy for this week’s game.    Bookmark this page now because you will be coming back again and again.

This one tool gives you a game by game breakdown detailing how each team matches up.  Average points per games and points against, rushing yards, receiving yards everything you need to know about how these two teams stack up against each other.

This report has 3 detailed sub reports which are The Match Up, The Super Grid and The Preview.

Match up:  This section includes the Recent Form which details how each team is performing in the betting arena such as ATS and the Under/Over.  A very helpful tool called the Smart Chart which shows a side by side comparison of key statistics such as points for and points against.  There is also an Injury Report for each team and a Trend Analysis.

Super Grid: This section provides you with much more detailed information such as average scoring my quarters, team sacks, penalties per game and much more.

Preview:  Well written and knowledgeable previews of the upcoming game and hopefully something that will help you make your bet.

This is all free so use it often as you like; you never can have enough sports information!