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Place Bets on your mobile phone!

Place Bets on your mobile phone!

If it seems like the people in the football stands are watching their phones more a lot it may be because they are checking their wagers, placing bets or maybe just taking a peek at the live odds. Online In-Game betting is the biggest growing activity in sports betting because the technology has gotten so good and so fast that is is very easy to make a bet on the game you are watching in real time.

The sportsbooks are moving the lines all the time and our Live Odds section is updated every 15 seconds.  Most books are moving the lines all the time and you can bet on quarters or halftime scores which also can change.  If you have an account with a sportsbook like GT Bets you can go to their site and check the lines as the games are being played and if you like what you see you can place your bet directly on the phone without talking to a soul!  It’s fast, its anonymous and it is instantly rewarding.  GT Bets is one of the fastest growing US Friendly Sportsbooks because of their state of the art platform which targets mobile customers.  Click here to open a free account and collect a Free 100% Cash Bonus which is one of the most generous to be found.  Do it now, and be ready for new season!

Have a great season,

The Football Bets Team

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