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Now that you have an active account gambling account you can place bets on variety for things from NFL football to the Kentucky Derby.  Betting online has evolved into a billion dollar industry and the exciting part of this is that the betting public is the winner. Never before has a player had all the tools available instantly online to make informed betting decisions.  Make sure to take advantage of the Betting Tools provided here on Footballbets.com site such as the Head To Head match ups and the Against The Spread historical performances which enables you to follow trends just like the Bookies.  There are a whole host of betting tools available in the top navigation bar and you should use these to your advantage.

The online betting industry is a growing and evolving business and that is easily seen in the growth of In-Game and Mobile betting.  The banking options have also seen quite a bit of positive changes and today’s players have several methods of collecting their winnings.  One of the newest and most popular is Bitcoin which is an alternative billing mechanism that enables fast and low cost payments.  It is free to set up a bitcoin account and once in place it is the fastest and most cost effective way to transfer funds.  We recommend you contact your sportsbook directly via their free online chat or toll free lines and see about setting up this free service.