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Online betting is growing at an extremely fast pace as more and more people bet online.  Millions of online bets are placed every month due to the fact that the system is readily available to make betting online a secure and easy thing to do.  Here is the short version of how to bet online, for a more detailed account click How to Bet Online.

Simple steps to bet online:

  1. Choose an online sportsbook from a list of Recommended Sportbooks or from our Featured Sportsbook.
  2. Complete the join application, when filling out the banking information you may wish to review How to fund your Sportsbook account.
  3. Visit our Live Odds and join the millions of other players in the online betting world.

This may seem simple because online betting is easy to do.  Nearly the entire globe has opened it’s arms to online betting and now there is a safe, secure and private way to enjoy betting online.  Place football bets, basketball bets or even bet on  Dancing with the Stars.  Online betting enables you to place bets from the comfort of your home in privacy and at your leisure.

One tip on setting up an online betting account is to visit our How to Fund your Sportsbook account.  The majority of any difficulties a person may have in setting up and online betting account usually occurs at this step.  There are tested and proven methods to make this go smoothly and the best part is you only have to set it up once and you are done.

Join the online betting crowd and see why betting online is sweeping the internet world!