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What bonuses can I receive with an online betting account?

The fun part of setting up an online betting account is that everybody wants you and the offers of a bonus are plentiful.  These bonuses vary in many ways and it is important to select a bonus that will fit your style of online betting.  Most sports betting bonuses are one of three types: a free bet, a match bonus or a free bonus.  A bonus is only good if you use it and with online betting the best bonuses not only offers value but can be fun to use as well.

Free Sports Bet with a new online betting account.

This is one of the most popular because it gives true value and it is fun to use.  Most books will offer you this free bet after you have set up and funded a new online betting account with them.  It usually is in the form of a dollar amount and is stated something like get a free $20 bet.  This is very popular because it has true value, if you win your bet the winnings will appear in your account.  This sports bonus also is entertaining, it is just more fun to win a free bet and some people will try a new type of bet, maybe a Parlay bet.  For my online betting I like this bonus the best.

Match Bonus with a new online betting account.

One of the more frequent bonus offers you will see when opening an online betting account is the Match Bet bonus.  This is popular with players because it is easy to understand and the value of the bonus depends on the size of your initial deposit when funding your new online betting account.  These online betting bonuses are typically promoted as “$50 Match bonus” or “Match up to $250 Bonus” where they will match the bonus to the amount of your initial deposit.  All sportsbooks have requirements with any free bonus and they do vary from book to book.  Some of the requirements are reasonable and others are not.  All of the sportsbooks in the Sportsbook Reviews section have what we consider to be fair bonus offers with a fair value.

Free Bonus with a new online betting account.

The free bonus is a more open offer in which the sports book may have a hybrid of offers.  It may be something like a 25% bonus on your first three deposits or some other combination to entice you open a new online betting account with them.  The important item when evaluating a bonus is: are you going to take advantage of what is being offered and is there real value.  You can also check out our Featured Sportsbook  in which you can be assured that you will be receiving a fair bonus offer.