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Where should I go for online betting?

Where to bet online depends upon why you want to bet online.  Online betting is growing so fast because people do it for so many reasons.  Do you enjoy online betting because you like to win and you are doing this for a way to make extra money?  Some people like to have a little bet down on their home team to make watching the game even more fun.  Maybe you have a group of friends who you like to bet with or share your online betting success.  Whatever your motivation is to enter the online betting world there is a sports book to meet your needs.

For example, you like to bet online and you want to win.  This is a money making campaign.  The best strategy then is too be very good at online betting and that involves using all of the sports betting tools available to you in order to make the best online betting picks.  The folks at 5Dimes Sportsbook have recently revamped there entire online betting tools area to help enable you to be the best you can be.  The smart better then uses these tools such as Live Odds to formulate their best online picks and place their bets at a sportsbook offering the best odds.  So for this example, the serious better, you may wish to do your online betting at a sports books which features various specialty bets as buying points.  WagerWeb Sportsbook is a very good example, this book has an extensive selection of programs such as buying as much as 5 points on Football and Basketball games and parlay plays up to 21 teams, this is considered a rare find.

In another example lets say you are living in the United States, watch the games and like to put down a quick and easy bet to make the game more interesting.  A whole different player than the serious player.  You want a fun and easy sports book that accepts US players and has a mobile program as well so you can place a quick bet while watching the game.  A good recommendation would be Bovada Sportsbook, firstly they only take US players so you know you are betting at a secure place who specializes in American sports.  They also have a great mobile service that allows you to bet In Game so if you have a hunch coming up to half time you can lay a quick and easy bet.  Another good recommendation for those of you who have a favorite team and you always bet “something” on your team then the free points offered at GT Bets may be your online betting choice.  They allow you to pick your 2 favorite NFL and NCAA football teams and for the entire season you get a free extra half point.  Makes a huge difference if you bet say on the NY Giants every single week, take the free points!

Online betting is extremely fun and millions participate all the time.  Take a few minutes to check our Sportsbook Reviews section and don’t forget to check our the Featured Sportsbook as well.  Good luck and have fun.